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What Is God?

Most simply put, God is energy. Decades ago, Albert Einstein proved that everything is energy. All that we know to be matter is, in fact, rapidly moving particles of energy. This concept is hard for our minds to fathom since we experience it as substance. In this third dimensional reality, God has created a very slow vibration in order that this energy "take form". Because of this, we can interactively experience the things we create. Touch them, hold them, hear them, see, smell, and taste them. So every single thing we see, feel, and know is energy. It simply vibrates more slowly or more quickly depending on what it is. Just as a hummingbird's wings become invisible as she flies, but visible again when she alights, so are many things in our world invisible yet "visible". Light and shadow, for instance. Air and wind. Color. Thoughts and ideas. Feelings are also a vibration we can feel, but rarely see.

But what is behind all these things, both with and without form? GOD. All things, beings, and experiences spring forth from the thoughts of God. They come into manifestation by continuous energy bringing them into "form". What about people, animals, plants, and the so-called living things? We, too, are the thoughts or prayers of God. God projects Himself/Herself/Itself into everything. Everything is an expression of God, or IS God made manifest in form. So what is God? God is everything and everyone.

God is also creative process, continually creating Itself anew. Constantly expanding Its Beingness and Awareness in each new creative act. God is Love; Vibration; Consciousness. It is a continuum and might look like this:


God has a prayer, and we are it. Each eternal moment, we are prayed into Being. Continuous Conscious energy from this Source creates ALL things. There are unlimited out-picturings of God, since God is an infinite creative process.

God encompasses The Divine Father, which is All Creation Expressing. Divine Father is manifestation; that which creates and maintains all creative process. It is Doing. It is Light. Divine Father is birthed by Divine Mother.

God also encompasses Divine Mother, All Creation Awaiting Expression. Divine Mother is unceasingly birthing from The Womb/Darkness into Light and holds Light within Darkness.

God is the Original Impulse of Creation, the Divine Spark. The pause between the impulse to create and creation itself. It is implosion and explosion; impetus and stimulus. Original Impulse of Creation is that which brings anything and everything into existence from the Divine Mother and through the Divine Father.

God is the Out-Breath of God, which is absolute, complete, pure, total, and unconditional. The Out-Breath of God is the Divine Father, Light, Creation Expressing. It is the Continuum of Consciousness of all that exists in form and formlessness.

God is the In-Breath of God, absolute, complete, pure, total, and unconditional. The In-Breath of God is the Divine Mother, and the womb of All Creation Awaiting Expression. It is eternal and sustains the Continuum of Consciousness of all that exists in form and formlessness. The Out-Breath of God occurs simultaneously with the In-Breath of God, having no beginning and no ending - the penultimate basis of Being. The In-Breath of God is the final and absolute return of the form and the formless back to the Source of the All in All.




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