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Four Aspects of Illumination

I began "The Work" alone. I did not know it was "The Work."

I set off on my spiritual path one day in a shopping mall. I had the realization that no matter what I bought that day thinking it would make me happy, it would only provide a transient feeling of happiness. I knew there must be something that would bring a long lasting happiness. I was committed to finding it.

I began reading, reading, reading books about Spirit/God/Soul. I listened to tapes. I found a Guru. I sang songs about peace, light, Love, and joy. I experienced some wonderful moments of connection with my spiritual body, but never truly left my mental body for more than a moment. The books and the Guru spoke about staying in the Heart. I did not know how to stay there, much less how to really get there. My only awareness of Heart was from what my ego told me. I felt alone.

I continued to pray for a teacher to help me truly Wake Up. Divine Order manifested the teacher. Divine Order also brought me to "The Work". I found my Heart. My Heart broke, then it opened. It became infilled with Love and Light. Then I knew I had found Truth within and for myself. I was on the way to my Illumination.

The Four Aspects to Illumination/The Work are:
1. From the Heart
2. In Love
3. In Consciousness
4. In a Group

The meaning of these is as follows:

1. From the Heart: This focuses on the Heart as the Center of our Being. It is home. The place from which we move and have our Being. Specifically, we live from the Serene Center of our Being Within Our Heart. When we first experienced this place within our Heart, we were asked to see/feel a beloved teacher who awaits us in the Serene Center of Our Being within our Heart: Buddha, Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many others.

2. In Love: The second aspect to Illumination implies that one recognizes Love as the operating force, or energy, behind everything. Holding the awareness of the Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts that "God is Love" and "Everything is God", we come to know that Love is the Presence of God, the Divine Spark, in all Things. Love is the energy of All God Consciousness. The awareness of this busts The Big Lie that we or anything is separate from God, and thereby from Love.

3. In Consciousness: The third aspect to Illumination refers to doing "The Work" in Consciousness. This means that one is always acting from Conscious Choice, Divine Will, Soul Referencing. It is a volitional act. This implies that one takes responsibility for that which one creates or acts upon or thinks about. All states of mind reproduce themselves. This means, that whatever is in your Consciousness is the reality you create yourself. So Create Consciously. Take responsibility for all aspects of your Consciousness/Reality.

4. In a Group: The fourth aspect to Illumination refers to the Truth that Christ spoke: when two or more are gathered in God's name, there is Love. We know that Love is always present in us, through us, as us, if we bring our Consciousness to it. When we gather as a group of Conscious Beings with a similar intention to Wake Up, we create a Group Soul Body which raises the energy of the individuals ten thousand times, ten thousand times. The group also offers support. It is difficult to stay on the pathless path alone. With group support, there are friends and comrades with whom we travel. They love, support, and assist us. Their Soul's prayer adds to our Soul's prayers for us.



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