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I Choose Again

I watched the Sun setting.


The splendor changed to a lonely darkness,

The beauty was gone.


I embraced your radiance.

In a twinkling,

The warmth between us froze into ice.

If only Love could stay.


I dreamed,

To keep the memory alive.

My Heart was deeply touched by my own illusion.

It is hard to tell if it was reality or a fantasy.

The pain of loss feels so strong,

How can it not be real?


I grab onto this "truth of pain" for my ego,

To make myself believe all my suffering

Is a devotion to Love.

If this is true,

then where is my peace and joy?


I choose again.

Wish you would too.

Be loving or fearful,

Be happy or sad,

Be expanded or contracted.


To be released from the past,

I used the sword of truth to cut through the old ties.

Now I stand Consciously in the light.

All my dreams feel like smoke dissolving

Into a clear blue sky.

I sob gratefully that

You are the most precious gift to me.

Letting me touch my deepest sorrow,

Which is a gateway to Illumination.


Understanding we are not what we feel,

Not what we think,

Not what we do.

Growth need not require any more pain.

It is time to be free,

for we have loved, and we will always do so ...




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