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Praise Be To God

How can I live life without embracing death
How can I love myself without embracing my shadow
How can I know God if I cannot remember God, which I am


My life, my passion, my joy is to know God
To be one with my Soul in every moment
To live each day as if it were my last


My inspiration is the spark of God within
The in breath, the out breath, the breath of pure creation
I await in pure ecstasy the infilling of Divine Love


Deep within my Being there is a stirring
of all of my bodies, planes, and cells
I am in labor as the birthing process begins
The Divine formless is being birthed into form


I must write, I must create, I must sing my Song of Love for God
My devotion to God is all encompassing, my desire to serve, unceasing
My gratitude ever present, creating miracles beyond belief


My Awakening is all that I live for
What else is there but to remember
Everything is God


What else is there to be but Love
What else is there to speak but Love
What else is there to share but the Love of God


I am moved in each moment to be One with God
To never forget God, which I am
To recognize God in everything and everyone


As I surrender to Divine Order and Divine Love
Peace and joy are mine
I see the beauty of All That Is


All is revealed unto me
I can live in the moment
Bathing in the Grace and Glory of God


The gift of clarity is revealed as I await patiently the wisdom of my Soul
I see how suffering has taught me to know joy
I see how self-loathing has taught me to know Self-Love


I now know that it was I, not God, who abandoned me in times of
Even as the Divine Father/Divine Mother held me in His/Her arms
I denied His/Her Love all the while forgetting, God which I am


Oh what sweet bliss comes as we remember that everything is illusion
back to God
I see my Soul Agreements as doorways to my Enlightenment
I see the beloved messengers in my life as reflections of my humanity
and Divinity


How can I but sing God's praises
As I Awaken to the splendor of the Truth of my Being
In my Oneness with God I remember my Home


The Serene Center of my Being within my Heart
Where my Soul speaks to me with loving compassion
I remember my wholeness, I truly am One with God


There is no place to go and nothing to do
I am speaking the Truth of my Heart
I am remembering that I am Love and I am God


I am blessed beyond all measure
In each moment of my Awakening
For I now remember that Love is all there is


Praise be to God for the miracle of each new day
Praise be to God for the Gift of Love, change, and transformation
Praise be to God, I am remembering the Truth of my Being



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