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If Tomorrow I Were To Lose My Sight

If tomorrow I were to lose my sight…
I would drink in the sunlight shining through the trees.
I would feast my eyes on your hair blowing in the breeze.
I would bathe myself in
all that is beauty and profane.
I would gaze endlessly at your face
and chant your name.

If tomorrow I were to lose my hearing…
I would listen to "my song" a thousand times.
And inscribe the sweetness of your voice
in my Heart and in my mind.
I would listen in full surrender
to the birds in the early morn.
And with Hindu chants in the forest
my ears adorn.

If tomorrow I were to lose my breath…
I would breathe with you
all night long
I would sing with you
a special song
I would dance with you
surrender to your lead
And I would pass over in Love
for I would have all that I need.



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