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My Beloved Shadow

I used to run from you.
But everywhere I fled
You followed me.
During the day you stayed close behind
Nipping at my heels.
And at night you ruled my world.
I cowered in fear at the sight of you.
You live in dark scary places.

Why do you pursue me so?
Why do you torment me?
I see you in my dreams
As dark evil energy.
I read about you in the newspaper.
Watch you on TV.
I hide from you.
All my life I have been running from you.

But alas, I am so tired,
Growing more and more weary.
Every day I drag myself out of bed.
I know you are there.
What do you want from me?

Perhaps you want to tell me something.
Maybe it is I
Who am the evil one.

What am I running from?
Could I talk to you?
I know you are listening to me.
Do you know who I am?
You have been with me from the start.
No one has stayed by my side more than you.
When others abandoned me,
You were there.

When I felt lonely,
You were my silent presence.
You've experienced my tears, my joy,
My sadness, my triumphs.
We have been through a lot together.
What can you tell me about myself?
Could we ever be friends?
It is so hard to open to you.

You are so mysterious that
I become afraid.
Your silence makes my thoughts
Seem so loud.
What would happen if
I stopped running from you?

What if I were brave enough to face you?
Would you share with me your secrets?
Maybe I could be a friend to you.
Do you ever get lonely too?
Am I your shadow?



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