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Relentless Heart

I love the shadow, it is a part of me
For without a shadow there is no light
I have traveled into depths of despair
That have delivered me to heights of surrender
I have been frozen in cold dark fear
Only to be freed by my relentless heart
I would not know the sweetness of joy
If the bitterness of rage had not swept me away
I could not embrace the Divine Plan
If I had not first come to terms with my suffering
I could not give thanks to my parents for their part
If I had not first named the patterns they installed
I love the shadow, it is the other half of my duality
If I had no form, I would have no shadow
I would not exist in form
I love the light
And I love the shadow
I have traveled down a narrow tunnel
Fear at every turn
Rage has been my lover
Suffering my denial
The truth reveals itself to me
I have come this way to create
I see the light now
The door is open to me
I can't wait to step through it
The shadow has brought me here
Together we go
I love the shadow
I love me



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