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On Embracing The Shadow

Light, how I love thee.
Thou art always welcome in my home.
The space has been prepared for your most honored presence.

A second beloved guest has been invited…for the first time
to sit beside you in loving presence.
I await this sacred moment, the joining of my two beloveds at the feast of Wholeness.
I welcome both of you at my table.

Beloved Shadow.
I have cursed you. Run from you. Denied you.
I have run to your polar opposite, the Light, and took pleasure only there.
Yet, wholeness, true joy always eluded me.

I tried to change you into Light, not embracing the sacredness of your
deep, dark spaces for fear of acknowledging their importance to me.

I ran and ran and ran away from you. I ran only on the spiritual path of Light. I did not heed your call for acknowledgement and acceptance.
There beside me, within me, all around me, trying to get my attention. I tried to leave you behind. No where to go. All aspects of my little self were discouraged.

As I spiral downward once again, I know that I must change or I will die. I take a peek at you, Shadow. I run back up to my beloved Light. You call me. I return to you, Shadow. I go deeper. A bit of Fear is released. You are not as scary as I thought you were. I go deeper still. I choose to go through the impenetrable gates of my negative feelings. I feel terrified as I sink into your quicksand of my own negativity. I am gripped by overwhelming fear that I shall never return from this place so deep within me.

Then…I see, feel, know, fully experience the rage at the very Core of my Being. I access the deep Fury, Anger, Outrage. I have wasted my life. Living all my life in the Big Lie. The Lie that I am separate from God, from the Whole. That I am not enough. Face to face, I meet the betrayal of myself deep at the Core of my Being. I am afraid. Yet I know I must go deeply into this. I want to be whole. I want to love everything including you, Shadow. I feel separate. I know I must love you to be whole. I know that only then can I love all that I am.

I gather my strength. I go deeper. I see a door. The door that, once opened, will lead me to greater love of myself and my life than I ever thought possible. I open the door. I see Light beyond the doorway. Brilliant Light. I pass through the door. Now, Light embraced, I am willing to go back into Shadow. So that I can embrace my Shadow as the Light has embraced me.

Enfolded by Light, I travel deeper into Shadow. I bring you, Shadow, into the Light Embrace. You and Me and the Light. We are One. We are Whole. We Are. Love. I love you, Shadow. I love you, Light. I love the Whole Me.



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