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My Shadow

Beyond the expanse of space,
Buried in the immensity of time,
Shadow dwells.
In frigidity and darkness
Of forgotten times and places,
Shadow dwells.

Shadow has been the denied,
Unwanted, shameful,
Part of myself
Which I have obstinately disowned.

Yet, at all times in my life,
Wherever I have been,
Shadow has followed me.
That's why it's called "shadow".
I tried to ignore it
And believe it was hidden
Far into space and deep into time.
But it has been with me always.
It has followed me everywhere.

Now, I turn around and look at my Shadow.
I sit down and contemplate it, face to face.
I become still and listen to what it has to say.
I feel love pouring out of my Heart
For this part of myself which I had condemned.
It is not as frightening and ugly as I had imagined.

This part of myself has been suffering.
Suffering is the polar opposite of joy.
How can I reach the heights of joy
If I deny the depths of despair and rage?

Shadow has become my friend, my ally.
This part of myself, now,
Makes me whole.
I love you, Shadow.
I acknowledge and appreciate you.
I am you, you are me.
With you, I am whole again.
Thank You.



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