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Dark Embrace

Shadow, I will feed your sharp hunger,
No longer will I hide from you,
deny your raging heart - -
- - Come now - -
Dance with me,
Teach me your mysteries,
your temptations and cravings,
And I will howl, holler, groan,
moan and scream
until my wailing becomes
a celebration - -
Never again will silence deny
but only embrace - -
For I love you, Dark Mother.


My Light casts a Shadow
onto a wall towering before me,
My Shadow calls - -
A soft weeping that becomes
a scream
Pain beckons me to engage,
to push against this wall
of cold black night - -

I am afraid, yet strangely attracted,
Pulled into a need to battle,
to defeat, to somehow bring my
Light into this fight - -
The wall is high, an impenetrable
fortress of suffering,
but I will push, push, push
Shadow, erase her from my
I harden my heart into a wall
to meet the enemy who awaits - -

I step toward my Shadow
A voice inside, deep and gentle
pulses the message:
"Don't resist, the wall doesn't
My heart breaks as Love floods
my inner fortress of protection,
I trust,
I tremble,
I must
step through the wall - - -
into Shadow's dark embrace!
She laughs, I cry
my voice is hers
and it is beautiful,
like deep waters sparkling
in the moonlight.



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