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I say I embrace change.
It is, oh so spiritual, to be this way.
Yet, there are some things,
I don't change,
That need to change.
It is, oh so human, to be this way.
What investments do I have in not changing?
I say change is forever.
Am I not forever?

Parts of me resist change.
They want their own experience of forever.
Other parts of me seem to change quicker and easier.
Certain parts lag behind.
I feel the drag.
I may be afraid to change everything.
Can I admit that?
Not changing everything still serves me.
I get to be in control.
Giving up control is scary.
It's like giving up pizza or pie.
At times, I still want to judge others.
To be better than.
Sometimes, my humanity weighs on me.
It can be a burden.
I can take things too seriously or get dramatic.
I forget I'm playing this game called Life.
It's a wild ride.
Full of dips and turns and sudden stops.
And starts.
I think it's going here.
And then it goes there.
Full of surprises and predictabilities,
The mundane and the ecstatic.
I like to flow from moment to moment.
It goes easier that way.
And to flow this way
I must remain fluid,
Like water.
I must be willing to change.




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