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(rap beat)


So I'm sitting in the synagogue

Listening to the cantor's chants

Thinking 'bout my dog

And a little romance.


All of a sudden

Something happens.

Something changes.

Something fabulous.


A light pours forth

Through my crown and third eye chakra.

This is no lie

No doctrine, no dogma.


I feel a door open from Heaven to me.

I am filled with light that I can see.

I connect with the ancient mystical chants.

I feel embraced in a timeless dance.


This is why temples and churches were created.

So our Divinity can be celebrated.

Do we open for this mystical experience?

Or do we live in an egoic trance?


So...I carry forth the Love that I've received.

I bless each being before I leave.

I pour my Love into each connection.

In every moment, I feel the perfection.


So thank you, Cantor, for the beautiful tones.

That helped me connect with my Home of Homes.

That helped me remember that Love is always here

When we open to the Love, life feels so, so dear.



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