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God Is

Next Focus in Divine Consciousness



Everything Is God



God Is.



I feel…
Dejected Arrogant Furious Inadequate
Pitiful Deceived Hopeless Betrayed
Enraged Powerless Crazed Helpless
Doomed Dishonored Terrified Devastated


a.) Ego Perspective:
1.) I am furious. God is a traitor who does not stand beside me, heal me, protect me, or hear my prayers.
2.) I feel betrayed. I stand alone in my pain and suffering. Where is God?!!!
3.) I am powerless. God is vengeful and cruel, and doesn't take care of any of us.
4.) I feel hoodwinked. God manipulated me into believing in Divine and Omnipotent Goodness. So where is it?!!
5.) God, You have sinned against me. You have transgressed by not keeping Your promises. I'll never believe in You again.
6.) I feel duped. God is a swindler, and a cheat. God is a fake whose Love is conditional, after all.
7.) God has cheated, deceived, and humiliated me. My Trust has been betrayed. From now on, You have to prove Yourself to me.
8.) I feel hopeless and helpless. How dare You waste my life in pursuit of something truthless and meaningless.
9.) Why should I trust God to be in charge of my life when the world is such a mess?
10.) Divine Order. Divine Schmorder. Who do You think You are? I want control; I'd certainly do a better job.
11.) God is going to punish me, no matter what I do. There is no forgiveness or clemency, only pain and suffering. I live in constant terror of God's retribution.
12.) I am consumed by despair. God is cold-hearted and manipulative. God looks down from Heaven and laughs at my suffering. Why is God out to get me?


My Worst End Scenario:

My greatest fear is that my Being will be controlled by God. I will never have a say in my own life. I am condemned to be a sinner. There is no way out. Who governs my body, my mind, my Heart, my Spirit, my Soul, my Self? I am dirt beneath the feet of God. I will never know Love. God has made me unlovable. I am a monstrous demon, knowing all about hate. I am the master of self-hate. I live my death, never living my life. I die alone, never knowing LOVE.


b.) Psychological Perspective:
1.) Who/What imprinted you? And How?
1.) My parents and my church imprinted me with the belief that God is outside of me. Far, far away. Unreachable and untouchable.
2.) My church imprinted me with the belief that I am not perfect enough to be in direct contact with God. Only the church officials are holy enough to communicate with God.
3.) My church imprinted me with the belief that God is to be feared. I can expect to be punished by suffering pain and sorrow if I do not follow God's rules…all of God's rules. Perfectly.
4.) The church imprinted me with the belief that if the officials say I am a sinner and dammed to Hell, it is the direct word from God. I am powerless to change it. Neither my parents nor I have any power to take this verdict away once it has been decreed.
5.) My mother and the church imprinted me with the belief that God is the critical judge who demands atonement, suffering, and sorrow. God decrees guilt.
6.) My mother and the church imprinted me with the belief that it is my duty to earn God's Love. There is no rescue, no protection, no safety unless I can win God's Love and be forgiven.
7.) My mother imprinted me with the belief that I am only worthy of her Love if I have first earned God's Love.
8.) My father and my church imprinted me with the belief that God is punishment. God will punish anyone who does not have the right theology. That person cannot be saved, no matter what he/she does.
9.) My church imprinted me with the belief that God is an unreasonable tyrant who demands blind loyalty, unquestioning faith, and total servitude.
10.) My father imprinted me with the belief that I might as well believe that "God Is." That way, if there really is a God, I'll be safe; and if there isn't, then it won't matter anyway.
11.) My parents imprinted me with the belief that there is only one way to believe in God. Any other religious belief/practice is automatically wrong.
12.) My father imprinted me with the belief that religion is God's way of controlling people.


2.) The Payoff. Name it.
Name the Negative Power that feeds the Payoff.


I can absolve myself from guilt and shame and any responsibility for my life. If there really is Divine Order, then God is in charge, not me. It's not my fault if things go wrong; it's God's plan.

If I believe God delivers condemnation, pain, and suffering, then I give myself permission to inflict abuse, emotional pain, and domination of others with a guilt-free conscience. I can deceive and punish myself and others, while claiming that it is God-like to do so. I can be judgmental and critical of myself and others, and declare myself Not Guilty!

My rage feeds these beliefs and behaviors. It is my payoff. I am raging at God for being so far away and unreachable. I am furious with God for keeping the Divine Plan a secret. I am disgusted by and shocked at the suffering and sickness in the world. I am enraged that God has allowed it. I am powerless to do anything about the state of the world. I am furious with God for making me so small and insignificant. Where is God when you really need Him/Her/It?


3.) What I need to change… inside myself.
1.) I need to change my feelings of self-doubt and doubting God into feelings of self-confidence and confidence in God.
2.) I need to change my feelings of despair because God has let me down into feelings of hope that God will answer my prayers.
3.) I need to change my feelings of mistrusting God into trusting God.
4.) I need to change my feelings of self-loathing because of my unworthiness in God's eyes into feelings of Self-Love because I feel God's forgiveness.
5.) I need to change allowing my ego to rule into seeking my Soul's guidance.
6.) I need to change my feelings of shame because I am inadequate and know that God can see my faults, into feelings of pride in my inherent goodness and beauty.
7.) I need to change my feelings of being God's foe into knowing that God is my ally.
8.) I need to change the belief that God is outside myself into the knowing that God is always within me.
9.) I need to change the belief that God is wrathful and vindictive into recognizing God's goodness and mercy.
10.) I need to change holding God hostage to my negative beliefs into the freedom to know God's Love.
11.) I need to change my anger at the state of the world into accepting Divine Order.
12.) I need to change my feeling of being small and insignificant into knowing that all the grandeur and power of God, and All That Is, is inside me..


4.) Unfinished Mommy/Daddy Business:
1.) Like my mother, I am filled with shame and dread God's punishment.
2.) Like my mother, I do not feel worthy of God's Love and grace.
3.) Like my mother, I want to be loved, respected, and cherished by God.
4.) Like my mother, I believe that if I suffer enough God will accept me and forgive me.
5.) Like my parents, I fear the wrath of God.
6.) Like my parents, I cannot let love in, especially God's Love.
7.) Like my father, I hide my vulnerability and pretend to be strong. God will not protect me, so I must protect myself with a mask of strength.
8.) Like my father, I am incapable of truly loving myself; I am doomed to live a life of separation from God.
9.) Like my father, I tend to view God as a malevolent stranger.
10.) Like my father, I disbelieve everything the church says and believe that God has abandoned me.
11.) Like my mother, I play the role of martyr so I can feel closer to God.
12.) Like my parents, I believe my salvation comes from a power outside of me.


5.) Triangulations:
  Show at least 3 triangles with you in each of the three positions: Victim (V), Savior (S), and Persecutor (P).

Representation of Triangulation Representation of Triangulation Representation of Triangulation


6.) Negative Love Patterns:
1.) My mother taught me - "God doesn't love a crybaby."
2.) My mother taught me - "If you're bad, you'll go to Hell."
3.) My mother taught me - "It's God's will. You have no say in this."
4.) My father taught me - "God doesn't have time to listen to you."
5.) My father taught me - "Women have dirty bodies because they tempt men. God doesn't like that."
6.) My parents taught me - "God will punish you for that."
7.) My parents and my church taught me - "Pray for forgiveness."
8.) My parents and my church taught me - "The meek shall inherit the earth. Be humble and submissive because that is the way God wants you to be. That is how the truly righteous are."
9.) My parents and my church taught me - "God is always watching, so you better be good."
10.) My church taught me - "God will pass judgement on you when you die. You'd better be ready."
11.) My church taught me - "God is the final judge."
12.) My church taught me - "Pray to God Above."
13.) My church taught me - "You are born with Original Sin."
14.) My church taught me - "Praying is the only way you can talk to God."
15.) My church taught me - "Only the holy sit at the right hand of God."
16.) My church taught me - "Someday the Savior will come down to earth and save us all."

c.) SOUL Perspective:

Symbols from Soul:

The image from Soul is that of a little child being rocked/swung in a blanket, held hammock style. The child is joyous, laughing, at complete Peace. Two sets of hands are holding and supporting the blanket. The hands on the right side of the blanket are male hands. The hands holding the left side are female. The male hands offer the strength, the action, the lift; the female hands are secure, holding, and supporting. The blanket swings higher and higher. The little child is in bliss. S/he flies out of the blanket, and ascends into the Light.

Two golden rings come arching back into the blanket. As the rings descend they are separate. As the rings contact the blanket they link, then merge, and expand into one singular, golden ring. The golden ring becomes a ring of fire, out of which arises a white bird. The bird ascends, slowly becoming translucent, and at the moment of complete transparency, is transmuted into Light.

The little child is us, the Inner Child of all Humanity. S/he is supported, guided, and loved by Divine Mother and Divine Father. These two polarities are part of each of us. They support and guide us in our transformation to the One Within, God, which we are.

The two golden rings carry the energy of Divine Mother and Divine Father. These energies of thought/feeling versus action, of being versus doing are opposite polarities. Even so, they are each necessary components of our wholeness. As the rings touch, they link and combine, transforming separateness into Oneness, creating a higher level of Consciousness.

This singular ring becomes a ring of fire, which represents our transformational rite of passage. This transformational passage is the cleansing of the negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative words, and negative actions that run our lives. All of these patterns have kept us from the Truth of our Being, a higher level of one Consciousness.

The phoenix-like bird, arising from the ashes, symbolizes our Awakening process. Through this Awakened state, we are in perfect union and communion with our Soul. Our Soul is the mirror, reflecting to us our Oneness, as God Which We Are.


5.) Two Practices:
a.) I choose to manifest my Self-Love/God Being by calling a different person each day for seven days, and declaring that I am working on loving myself and discovering all of the ways in which I Am God. I will do this in the following ways:
by listening to others with my full attention and Consciousness
by inviting their Soul's Authentic Voice
by speaking from Love and revealing my Soul's Authentic Self
by sharing my Soul's Authentic Voice
b.) I choose to spend 5 minutes , or longer, every day to feel my sentient connection with God, with my Soul , with myself.


6.) Do The Practices every day for one week: Yes ! Yes!


For more Practices on the duality and interconnection of GOD IS / THERE IS NO GOD, please see the other Next Focus In Divine Consciousness for this month, "There Is No God".



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