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1:00 position: Divine Set-up-Negative Reactions. We begin with a statement of 15 words or less that describes an incident (drama) in our lives. We simply write our negative feelings and/or behaviors that were Negative Reactions to the incident. We call this the Divine Set Up. It might be in Negative Reaction to something or someone, but it is always about US.

Examples might be:
I am filled with self-loathing when I create illness or injury in my body.
I always get angry when I am not in control of the situation.

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2:00 position: Negative Feelings/Drama. This entails reviewing the Negative Feelings Sheet and choosing 16 of the most accurate and powerful Negative Feeling words which describe your negative reaction to the incident of your Divine Set-up. These should be 16 highly charged, negative feeling words for you.

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3:00 position: Ego Talk-Negative Thoughts. We discover the Negative Thoughts behind the negative behaviors and feelings that make us reactive. By listing at least 12 of these "ego talk" Negative Thoughts, we come to understand what the real basis of our reactivity is. Ego talk is the unspeakable ongoing tapes which run through our minds.

Some examples of negative ego talk are:
I am unlovable; nobody loves me
I am unworthy
I can never do anything right
I'll never amount to anything

The clarity we receive here by looking at the "ego talk" takes us to…

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4:00 position: Worst End Scenario. This is the most avoided, unthinkable, unbearable possibility in your life. This Worst End Scenario relates directly to all the information you've given thus far:

1) The Divine Set-Up, (drama or incident) and your Negative Reaction
2) Your Negative Feelings about it
3) Ego talk or Negative Thoughts behind these Negative Feelings

Expect huge resistance in writing down your Worst End Scenario because the fear will be so great. The beauty of this exercise is that once it's down on paper, it's outside of us. Where before, it had been festering inside of us creating a lifetime of fear and rage. It is important to discover WHY this is a Worst End Scenario for you.

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5:00 position: Psychological Perspective/Who/What Imprinted You. This entails looking at who and how we were imprinted with Negative Reactions, Negative Ego Talk, Negative Feeling, and Worst End Scenario. By listing 12 or more explicit statements of negative awarenesses from childhood, we begin to see how we were imprinted with judgment, criticism, control, manipulation, protection, and defense, the six ego functions.

Some examples would be:
My mother imprinted me with self doubt.
My father imprinted me with a feeling of not being good enough.
My parents imprinted me with no matter what I did, it's not enough; I am never enough.
My church imprinted me with temptation is great and the flesh is weak.

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6:00 position: The Payoff. Behind all of this imprinting, lies a Payoff. The Payoff has kept us stuck in the same negative reactivity of negative thoughts and negative feelings. This is the "reward" we receive for keeping this old pattern going for ourselves. The Payoffs vary, but tend to be such things as being a victim, being right, or suffering (so many of us, surprisingly, are addicted to suffering). This payoff appears to be more powerful than Self-love - or at least we keep choosing it over Self-Love. With the help of these Next Focus Sheets, we are now at choice: to stay in the drama or move out of negative reactivity and into Self-Love. Self-Love means we are no longer at the affect of anyone or anything outside ourselves. Once we figure out the often insidious payoff, it is important to look at the negative power behind the payoff, that which feeds it. Now we're at the very depths of our introspection. The deepest, darkest shadow material lies down here. We're in the deep crevices of our psyche. The Negative Power behind the Payoff is often hidden beneath sadness, depression, or anger. Because we fear exposing this negative power, we will use sadness, depression, or anger as a "cover up". You will be able to name this negative power behind the Payoff if you are willing do The Work.

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7:00 position: What I Need To Change Inside Myself. By doing this piece, it denotes a willingness to change. Good for us! Now we work on transforming this negative material. We clearly list 12 or more negative energies (reactions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) we are ready to change. We state what we will change them into.

Examples are:

I need to change my feelings of not being good enough into feelings of being capable, competent, and more than enough.

I need to change my feelings of self-loathing into feelings of Self-Love and acceptance.

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8:00 position: Current Patterns In Your Adult Life, or our unfinished Mommy/Daddy business. This is the patterning from our parents, taught to them by their parents, which we still carry within us. This brings awareness to what is currently running our lives. These are the negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, which continue to create negative reactivity within us. This exercise helps us to identify areas in our life we still need to work on.

We list 12 or more of these statements, such as:
Like my mother, I feel less than others.
Like my father, I put on a pretense of confidence to mask my feelings of inadequacy.
Like my parents, I deny I have any problems in life.

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9:00 position: Triangulations. When we are in negative reactivity, we are always Triangulating. We take a position of Persecutor, Savior, or Victim (P,S,V) as we negatively interact with others. By drawing a number of triangles and listing who represents each position, we're able to see how we stay in negative energies.

Some examples of triangulations are:


"You're not good enough"


Putting down others

Husband belittling children


Draw at least 3 triangles with yourself in each of the positions (V,P,S). But the more you draw, the greater the clarity you will receive about where you are still triangulating.

For the last piece of clarity at the ego level, we move to:

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10:00 position: Negative Rules and Admonitions from Childhood. Be as exact as possible in listing remembered quotes from mom, dad, church, teachers, society, schools. This helps us to recognize how conditioned we were with messages of "less than, not good enough" that continue to hold us in negative love patterns and negative reactivity. These are actual edicts, injunctions, and admonitions given to us by the most influential people in our childhood.

Some examples:
My mother taught me, "You will never do anything with your life"
My father taught me, "Obey me, or you will be punished"
My church taught me, "You are a sinner, destined for hell"

You should feel a shift in energy as we move into this next step. Now we move out of the ego level of introspection and move into:

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11:00 position: Soul Perspective/Two Practices. Remember, the Soul, as Watcher, is aware of all of these internal/external conflicts. It holds the bigger picture of What's Really Going On. It is always neutral and impersonal. It has the Truth. It is always ready to share that Truth when asked. We enter into the Serene Center of our Being within our Hearts to connect with Soul and ask for clarity. We will be given a symbol (an image) or words. Then we ask for the meaning behind the symbol. We receive wisdom regarding What's Really Going On. It's difficult to give an example here since we each hear, feel, and experience Soul in our own unique way. For those without much practice in Soul connection, or those who don't seem to be receiving much, you might try writing a letter to Soul, such as:

Dear Soul, I deeply long to connect with you and receive your wisdom and guidance. I feel inadequate at this new practice. I am afraid I will not like what you have to say. I feel unworthy of your attention…(Write out whatever is true for you in this moment)

Then write as Soul, back to yourself:
Dear Beloved, I welcome a greater Conscious connection and active exchange with you. I am always here for you and await your questions. I am with you unceasingly and have much to share …

This will open a dialogue between you and your Soul. Soul speaks through symbols, (images), and words. We do not want to interpret these symbols with our minds, but without expectation, simply allow Soul to clarify what is meant by a symbol or words as it pertains to the question posed.
(See Ego Process - The Practices - Language of Light Glossary)

Be sure you're in a quiet, undisturbed space as you allow time for Soul to speak to you. Write down whatever you receive without judging it. At first, it may be unclear or in partial bits of information. As you practice, the clarity and wisdom will come. Soul has volumes to share with us if we but open to it. We bring it all together with the Practices. In order to facilitate changing our negative reaction patterns into positive response patterns, we need useful, practical practices. We are moving into Self-Love, something pretty foreign to most of us. We write out 2 practices. One is something physical that we are willing to do for 7 days. The other is sharing with a different individual for each of 7 days what we discovered, uncovered, or realized about ourselves and our negative reactions as well as any negative thoughts or feelings.

An example:
I will look at myself each day in the mirror and say aloud, "I am worthy"

Not only do we carry this vow with us throughout the day; we also call a friend and say "I am practicing learning Self-love. I say to myself in the mirror each day, "I am worthy".

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12:00 position: The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts. Now we choose one of The Teachings which best applies to our Next Focus Sheet. We write the Teaching out as Step I.

The Esoteric Teachings / God Thoughts are as follows:
1. God Is
2. God Is Love
3. I Am Love
4. I Am God
5. Everything is God
6. Everything is Important and Nothing is Important
7. Everything is Illusion Back to God
8. Everything is Already Accomplished; All You Do is Bring Your Consciousness to It
9. Divine Order is Always in Place
10. There is No Place to Go and Nothing to Do
11. Show Up and Be Lovingly Present, No Matter What It Looks Like Out There or Inside Yourself
12. Always Speak the Truth of Your Heart
13. Self-Love
14. Have the Patience and Persistence to Practice Your Truth


There you have it! This is the mommy/daddy work which takes us into Self-Love and Self-Realization. This format was given to us by Soul. The power of it is beyond words. We give great thanks for it and for our willingness to do each step of this Divine Work.

We encourage you to do this work step by step. The changes in our lives have been miraculous. See for yourself!

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