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Haver Anee Zocher
(My Friend, I Will Remember You)


Dedicated to God. God is. God is Love. I am Love. I am God.
Everything is God.


I will remember You when I wake up each day.
You'll be there within me as I sit and I pray.


I will remember You as I shower or bathe.
I will praise Your name in so many ways.


I will remember You as I talk to my plants.
I will honor Your creation as I dance life's dance.


"Namaste, Namaste" I will say to each tree and flower
As I feel Your Love descend in an endless shower.


I will remember You in the air that I breathe.
I will sing Your song when I enter and leave.


I will remember You in each person I meet
Whether they appear harsh or sweet.


I will remember it is You there inside
I will hold this Truth. I will abide.


I will remember You in everything I do and say
Every thought filled with You from start to end of day.


I will remember You in joy and grief
You are always with me. This is my belief.


And lest I forget to remember,
Tap me ever so gently please
For the essence of my life
Is You, Your Love, and the Sweet Ease.


Thank you, God.



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