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I walk the dog
I brush my hair
I clean the house
All done as a prayer.

It is my practice to come from a place
of sacredness in all that I do.
It changes everything.

Dear God, Which I Am,

Since I am the creator of my own reality, I call that I may live my life as a sacred event. Let it be my practice to bring a sense of sacredness to each moment. I can create this for myself. I can live my life as a prayer, truly bringing my experience of being Divine into my everyday life.

How is this done? It is very simple: I choose to bring the same sense of sacredness to each act that I would to the washing of the feet of the Christ. I can bring a sense of sacredness to each act, each word, each thought, each feeling. Everything is raised up into a prayer at that moment. At that moment, I am in Love. I walk in Love and in tenderness and in sweetness. I experience myself in and as the Truth of My Being as God in each moment. I experience each act with this same exquisite sense of holiness/sacredness. I can choose to do this. I kiss my mezuzah when I enter and leave my house. The simple incoming and outgoing become sacred acts.

I walk.
I step lightly on the earth,
always carrying the energy of harmlessness.
I do not want to disturb one rose petal upon my path.

I greet you.
I see the Divine in you,
the Truth of who you are as God,
behind the mask of ego which we all wear.
I hold you as a sacred being, our meeting a
sacred moment.
I bless you.
I bless the moment.

I bless the steps to your house.
I bless the steps away from your house.
I speak to you
through my Soul, in Love.

I leave and hold no attachment
to the coming, the meeting, the going.

Coming from a place of sacredness
is about bringing all my Love to
every moment, not matter what I do,
where I am, or what the events
appear to be outside myself.
I keep the Love flowing through me,
staying centered in the Serene Center
of my Being within my Heart


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