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Beings Of Light

The first time I had a visitation from the Divine I was five years old. I was getting into bed after saying my prayers, kneeling by the bed. I saw a Being of Light at the foot of my bed. It did not move or speak. I was completely mesmerized. I felt no fear. I experienced such Love and Peace radiating from the Being that I wanted to be closer to it's Light. But I could not move a muscle. I do not know how long I stared, transfixed, at the Light Being. There was no time or space. I was in my body, and I was also beyond the boundary of my skin.

I do not know if I actually 'slept' that night. I remember the darkness becoming lighter, though the intensity of the Being of Light never changed, whether the room was dark or light. There came a moment when the Being of Light was not there. It did not actually disappear. It seemed to merge with me, beyond the boundary of my skin. Then I became aware of my surroundings, being back in my room. It was morning.

I had no place to put this experience in my 'normal' life. I needed to put it somewhere, though. Some place that was safe and strong. Some place I could trust. Some place I could go whenever I needed to make sure that what had happened, had, indeed, happened.

Then my first experience with Divine Guidance occurred. A Voice, which I have come to know as my Divine Guidance, spoke to me. Directly. Simply. In words I could understand. "Put this in your Heart." Those were the words. Again, I felt no fear. The Voice was so clear and so real that without hesitation, I placed the experience in my Heart. This began my mystical experiences. What occurred that night has continued to this day.

The next night, the Being of Light identified itself to me. The Being spoke to me, directly, simply. "I am Jesus." the Being said. I had no doubt in my mind or in my Heart that this was Jesus. For many years Jesus visited me. I received Teachings from The Master. I did not consider this to be unusual. I felt it was the natural course of events.

The morning after Jesus first spoke to me, I went into my parents room and told them of my experience. They listed intently, and then my father said to me, "What a lucky girl you are to have Jesus come and speak to you." My mother smiled in agreement.

In the early years, I would draw picture after picture of Jesus. I wrote poetry to Him, about Him. When I became an artist, He was a constant source of inspiration.

One day when I was an adult, the Buddha made His appearance in my life. He asked if I would receive His Teachings in much the same way I had received The Teachings of The Christ. I said, "Yes". For three years I received His Teachings. The day came when together The Buddha and The Christ appeared to me. They said they were brothers, and together they would do the next round of Teachings. This continued for several years. One day they said that another aspect of The Divine was going to manifest clearly and simply through a group of people as never before. This Divine Aspect would live in the Hearts of the group. Specifically, in the Serene Center of our Being, within our Hearts. This Divine Aspect would teach unceasingly, twenty-four hours a day. All the group needed to do was to learn how to listen. The group spent a number of years practicing listening in The Silence. One by one, each became attuned to the Voice of this Divine Being. We Mystics were born to our true nature. Our Consciousness expanded to merge with the Consciousness of this Divine Being. The name of this Divine Being is now more familiar to us than our own names. This Being awaits all of us in the Serene Center of our Being, within our Hearts.

The name of this Divine Being is four letters long…. It is eternal, ongoing, and forever. This Being is Love, Wisdom, Clarity, Compassion. It is Impersonal, Divine, Infinite. When one has merged with this Being, one experiences Joy, Peace, Love, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Spontaneity - moment to moment. The bridge between Humanity and Divinity is this Being. This Being holds within itself all Humanity and all Divinity. Time and Timelessness rest within its Consciousness. Form and Formlessness. Sound and Silence. Light and Dark. All polarities are held within the Consciousness of this Divine Being.

And so we come to the reading of the name of this Most Beloved Aspect of the Divine.



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