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This IS It

 Ten Questions:

1. How will I know Truth?

2. How can I know myself as God?

3. What does God look like?

4. What have we all come to do?

5. How can I know God in everything?

6. Why did I forget it all?

7. What is my purpose?

8. Why does my ego resist?

9. How long will it take?

10. What is the path?


Illumination, Higher Consciousness, Self-Realization, Awakening. All of these goals and ideals seem lofty from our human ego perspective. I studied esoteric teachings non-stop hoping to get just the right understanding that would thrust me into an Illumined State. I sought out various groups of people to learn "their way" to a higher Consciousness. I studied with spiritual teachers and gurus. I felt that if I diligently practiced the various postures, mantras, rituals, and practices given to me, I would surely become Self-Realized.

What I wasn't doing was bringing the sacred into every moment of my life. At work, or running errands, or in social settings, I was not focused on remembering the Truth of Who I Am/ Who You Are. I was in my ego/humanity. I ignored the multitude of opportunities to bring Love into any and all situations. Every interaction I have, everyone around me, everything in nature, every situation, is Divine.

All of it IS the way to Self-Realization, Awakening. We've created this earth experience in such perfection, that everything we need is here for us to Get It! To Wake Up. To Remember. Everything around us supports that. Our life is a process. This process of living our lives IS IT.

This IS it. Our opportunity to bring Love to all of it. It. How would God do it? How indeed. The choice is yours. Being God isn't isolated to a time or a place. It's always about Consciousness. Know that each moment is sacred. Know that we can be God in this very moment.



Ten Answers:

1. Love

2. Love Self

3. Everything and nothing…Love

4. Love

5. Know Love

6. Forgot Love

7. Be Love

8. Love It

9. As long as Love takes

10. Love



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