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There Is Nowhere To Go

 You never go anywhere.

Everywhere is always here.

How can you go anywhere when, from your perspective,
you're always here?

Even in transit to somewhere you are always here.

No matter where you are it is always here and now.

Actually everything comes to you.

You never go anywhere.

It comes to you.

Because you are always here, things must come to you.

You are never there.

In the here and now.

You are always here.

Everything moves toward you.

It revolves around you.

It is created around you.

By you.

You can't leave the here and now.

It is an illusion that appears real.

It is fun.

To others it may look as though you are there.

But to you, you are always here.

To you, you are never there.

You are always here.

It is a Divine Paradox.



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