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God Prays Me And I Praise God

I am a prayer in the Heart of God.

I exist because I am prayed anew in each moment.

I am created and recreated by the pure energy of God Prayer.

My Being is made manifest into form, out of the vibration of

God Prayer.


Every cell responds to this intention by unceasingly recreating

itself through Love.

Love is the energy behind the creation of me.

God prays you, too.

From a tiny single egg and sperm cell,

the creation of each of us began as pure Love.

This is a miracle. We are awesome prayer.


Who, but God,

could have prayed such a magical process into existence?

Great humor went into the prayer that is me.

Great compassion and wisdom, too.

I was imbued with all of the qualities God knew I would need

to BE who I am.

And who am I?



I pray me into Being.

My intention, my continuous energy, and my belief in myself,

keep me breathing, walking, talking, loving, existing.

I pray that I might be the best person I can be:

Soulful Prayer.

I envision my most expansive potential.

My greatest Love.

I grow into this Love through my Awakening.

I pray for strength, discipline, clarity, Consciousness.

My on-going physical existence is filled with these prayers.

I create my own reality with the prayers I pray.


God, I am, prays me.

And I praise God, I am.



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