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Another Step On The Mystical Path

Some years ago, I received a Teaching from the Divine that was an expansion of, "There is no place to go and nothing to do". The new part of this was; "Everything comes unto you". My ego conscious mind had begun to understand the first part of the Teaching, but the second part eluded me. Then one day I was given an experience that completely changed my world.

I was walking through a park making my way to the Arts Festival that was being held there. Suddenly, even though I was walking forward, everything around me was moving toward me. It was as though I was standing still, and the entire scene around me was moving toward me, and past me, "Coming unto me" at a normal rate of speed. All time and space as I had known it before collapsed. Everything in my surroundings was coming unto me. This did not feel fearful or strange. Rather, I experienced the full impact of the Teaching, "There is no place to go and nothing to do, everything comes unto you".

I experienced this new 'reality' physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My little rational mind was perfectly quiet. I was the Watcher of the 'experience' as well as the one having the experience. My body continued to move forward, yet my experience was of standing still. This incredible moment stretched out around me in all directions. I felt the Presence of everything and everyone around me. As though it were all happening inside of me not outside of me. It lasted several minutes.

Immediately I knew I would never be the same. It was an epiphany. I was transformed/changed forever. My perception of the world, time, and space was forever altered.

Several realizations have occurred since that experience.

I realized that everything happens within my Consciousness. Nothing ever occurs outside my Consciousness.
I dwell within Consciousness and Consciousness dwells within me.
The more I expand my Consciousness, the more I am fully aware that there is nothing outside my Consciousness.
My Consciousness has a focal point within my Heart. The more I open my Heart, the more Consciousness I hold within it.
Consciousness is Love. My Heart is the temporal dwelling place of Love while I am in embodiment. Consciousness is the Eternal dwelling place of Love whether I am in or out of embodiment.
Consciousness is Eternal, on-going, and forever.
While I am in embodiment, I can access Love through my Heart and through this Eternal Consciousness.
There is no place to go and nothing to do when I am One with this Eternal Consciousness. I connect with this Eternal Consciousness through my Love.
Everything comes unto me through this Eternal Consciousness.
It may appear that I go from place to place…in a car, in a plane, from room to room. But that is no longer my experience.
I remain always at the still-point in the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart and everything comes unto me. As everything and everyone is held in my Eternal Consciousness and I hold this Eternal Consciousness within me, I no longer go anywhere or do anything. It is all within me, within my Eternal Consciousness.


Thank you.



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