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Creativity: My Gift From God

What is Creativity? For me, Creativity is child-like innocence, wonderment, and the urge to create. It is the rebirthing of the God spark within and without. It is the enthusiasm I experience as I share the Truth of my Heart in song, poetry, and prose with God and others. Creativity is acknowledging my Divinity as I trust the inspiration from my Soul. Creativity is my source of vitality, my reason for Being. Creativity is living in integrity as God, which I am. Creativity is my teacher as I bring Consciousness to each moment. Finally, Creativity is saying yes to Divine Love and Divine Order.

As the mother of two boys, I was given the gift of Creativity within my Being. I experienced the joys and trials of the gestation process, creation awaiting expression. During labor I felt the urge to push and bring forth Spirit into form. Now as a writer, I am again experiencing this most precious birthing process. There is an actual urge to write, a palpable feeling in my gut. I am given a prompting from my Soul, a signal that labor is about to begin. I am Soul-infused, ready to listen and be the scribe. I go into the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart as I wait for my process to be revealed unto me. Often the words flow in the sweet ease. If not, I return to the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart, surrendering to my Soul. Then there is a Conscious flow. I am one with the dance of my Soul, as my hands type to the rhythm of my Soul's song. Time and space are my lovers. I remember the bliss of my Oneness with God. My Soul and I revel in the miraculous journey. I am surrounded by Love, Light, Peace, and, Joy.

Creativity is my joy, my passion, my inspiration for life. Creativity is my freedom. Creativity is the blessing of Self-Love. Creativity is my Gift from God.



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