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The Dream: Life and Death

Many ceremonies have taken place in the "home" of the Divine Mother God. The "home" looks much like the Parthenon with the sky above and pillars for walls. Many men and women have taken part in the ceremonies. There is one ritual left to perform. A group of women rise and say that they will prepare the last ritual. The present space dissolves. Now all of us are in a large grassy field. I am aware that all has been prepared for the ritual to come. I see a line of people waiting to go through the doorway of a temple. The temple is a square building completely closed except for the doorway, which is also square. I go to get into the line. I know that I am to be the last in line. (I am aware that others will follow later. I am to be the last of those who have gone before me.) As I am standing in line, a man comes up to me. He is crying. He says to me, "I will never see you again." I hold him to me so that his head rests on my right shoulder; my right arm embraces him. I say to him, "You will not see me again." I then say to him telepathically, "I will see you again." I release him. Before I enter the doorway I say out loud the word "Shiva."

I enter the temple through the square doorway. Within the room is both darkness and light. The room itself is a perfect square. Men and women are seated shoulder to shoulder with their backs resting against the walls. In front of them is another row of men and women sitting, shoulders touching. They all face the center of the room. In the center of the room is a square table made up of four small square tables. All of them are placed together to form the large square table. In front of each small table is a large square pillow resting on the floor. I approach the front, left, small square table first. I step onto the pillow. As I do, my feet remain planted, but my body begins to move in circles to the right. The space around me begins to whirl. I drop to my knees on the pillow. The moment I am kneeling, all movement stops. I see before me on the table a long, thick cord, (about three inches thick). It is white and it resembles something like thick dough.

I hear the Voice of Divine Mother God saying, "This is the placenta." The Voice says, "This is 'Leila', the Dance of Life." I pick up the placenta with both hands and hold it on high. I tilt my head back. I know that I must lay the placenta over my open mouth so that the center of the placenta is resting on my mouth. As the placenta touches my open mouth, it begins to dissolve into my mouth. The two ends disappear from my hands. I feel the placenta in my mouth, dissolving down my throat. I know I must sing, not words, but the tones of the All In All. I begin to tone. The men and women gasp. I know I must continue the tones even though I am not able to breathe fully. As I continue, an ease comes over me. I am able to sound the tones fully. But now new tones have been added: a higher frequency, a higher vibration. The tones are sounded from the lowest register all the way through to the highest register.

As the placenta completely dissolves and passes into me, I bring my head forward. As I do, two women come forward and place a silk cloth upon my head. In that instant I know two things. The first, I have passed this ancient initiation. The second, I am blessed: I am the vessel. I must put everything within me. I cannot carry anything outside myself.

I now see the second object on the table. It is a tablet with three-dimensional forms on it in "bas relief". It is eight inches long and three inches high. It depicts the animal, vegetable, and mineral Kingdoms. As I look upon it, the figures begin to move like a film before me. The film shows the depth of love and relationship of these Kingdoms to me. I am weeping now and feel overcome by the Love in this vision. But I know I must now move to the pillow on my right. I must rise. I do so with great effort and stand on the next pillow. There is no whirling. I am calm and deliberate. I kneel. I see before me a dark red square, four inches by four inches, about one half inch thick. I know this is the symbol of Death. As I look upon the square, it transforms into a small circle about one inch across. Then it transforms back into the square.

I know I must put Death into my mouth. I break off a small corner of the square. It immediately turns into the small circle. I place this in my mouth using my right thumb and forefinger. I place it between my gum and cheek, on the left side of my mouth, lower jaw. As I withdraw my fingers they are covered with a red blood-like liquid, darker and thicker than blood. I know I am to wipe my entire forehead with the liquid, covering my 'Ashna'/Third Eye, in the middle of my forehead. I do this. As I do, I see the next object on the table. It is a mirror. It is silver. The mirror is the size of my face. Around the mirror is a very ornate frame. It is twice the width of the mirror itself. I pick up the mirror with both hands and see myself in it. Then I know I am to cover the mirror with the red liquid remaining on my right thumb and forefinger. I lay the mirror down. There is enough red liquid left to cover the mirror. When it is covered, I know I am to break the mirror. I am told by my Divine Guidance to bring the mirror to my forehead three times. I bring the mirror to my forehead three times. On the third time, it breaks down the center into two halves. I place them on the table.


I am told to review the entire dream. I do this fully conscious that I am in a hotel room in the United States. As I come to the Mirror Breaking in my review, a loud sound fills my hotel room. It sounds like lightening flashing in the room. I know I have completed the ceremony. I am told to view my physical body, and the form it has held throughout the dream. My body is making the shape of a cross. My hands are resting on my heart, fingertips touching. My elbows are out to my sides, raised to the level of my shoulders. My legs are crossed, left over right. The two "last" toes of my left foot are resting between the big toe and the next toe of my right foot. I know that I have been in this position throughout the dream and the review. I am told to remain in this position. The vibration in my body is so powerful I am riveted to the spot. I am told to stay in this position and anchor the vibration. When the anchoring is complete I am told to write everything down…and here it is!





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