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The Silence = God Being = Me

I was introduced to The Silence many years ago. I found out "where" it was: within my Heart. Then I explored "getting there": from my mind down into my Heart. Next was deciding how I "felt" about it: Love, eternal Love, loving me. I was asked by my Soul to surrender all four lower bodies (the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to the experience of The Silence and let that experience be enough.

We call it "Sitting in The Silence". The experience is one of sitting in the Heart of God, which is my Heart. Being with God! Being a human being sitting within God Being. Imagine, if you will, being present in a stillness so vast that that is all there is. Feeling yourself being supported by the energy of God's Being, accessed through your Heart. Then, relax into The Silence. There is no place to go. There is nothing to do. You find yourself in God Being. You have surrendered. Surrendered so completely that the Energy of Love carries you into Itself. Your little mind is not present. You are being Loved by God Being. The process of The Silence has begun.

When I prepare myself for The Silence, I make The Calls. The Calls begin with the words; "I call for the Presence of God . . . ". In that moment my Being has the intention of being-one-with God Being. Immediately, I am in The Silence. I am The Silence. I am God Being, while at the same time I am my Being. I no longer question this miracle. I give thanks for the opportunity to sit IN The Silence.

This practice, done one hour daily, day after day after day, has deepened my awareness of this transformative activity. The union and communion which happens in The Silence now continues Consciously when my hour is over. The sentient awareness of The Silence washes over me at various times throughout my days and nights. I know this will deepen and extend as each Conscious moment follows one after the other. The Silence has become all that I am. It is the Peace which passeth understanding. It is part of my Awakening process.



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