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The Great Paradox:

What Happened When I Knew There Was God And
There Was No God.

When I believed there was a God, which was most of my life, I exited. I was not aware of it at the time, but I projected my unfinished mommy/daddy stuff on Him/Her/It. I believed that someone, God, would save me. I was not yet to a place of accepting responsibility for myself and for my life. I was not yet to a place of knowing that both heaven and hell exist only within me. I create them for myself in every moment, in every feeling, thought, word, and act. I choose from moment to moment in which one I want to live.

When I discovered it did not matter if there was or was not a God, I stopped exiting. I began to, had to, take responsibility for all I create in my life. I had to take responsibility for creating my own joy. Because if God does not exist outside of me, I am the only one that can create heaven for myself. This was a major shift for me. I had to release triangulation which had run all of my relationships to that point. That is, I had to release my need for a Persecutor to blame for things I did not love in my life. No Savior to hope for. Without a Persecutor and Savior, I could no longer see myself as Victim. I had to realize that I am all roles in the triangle: the Persecutor, Victim, and Savior. No one else. Just me. Creating everything.

I had to come to the knowing that My Love is the Most Powerful Thing on the Planet, as is Your Love. I had to take responsibility for mining the wealth of Love, of Gold, of Goodness within me and to create everything from that place of Love within me. I had to fall in Love with myself, both my Light and my Shadow. I am ready to do The Work which I/We have come to do…which is to create, create, create from the Love which I Am/We Are. Together in Love, in the Heart, in Consciousness, in a Group. We Love and accept the world and everyone in it exactly the way they are. We can not change anything outside ourselves until we change what is inside ourselves. We can only inspire ourselves and others. We are a mighty band. We are One with God.



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