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Compassion And Forgiveness

Among the lessons I have learned in my life, one stands out. It is twofold: Compassion and Forgiveness. My teachers for this lesson were my mother and my daughter. This was a powerful Divine Set-Up.

I was five years old when I was taken away from my mother. I still remember sitting on the back seat of a car wailing and screaming to the couple in the front seat: "I want to go back home." I did not know these people nor where they were taking me.

A few months later, when I asked for the thousandth time: "When am I going to see my Mom again?" I was told that she had been taken to the cemetery. No knowing what a cemetery was, I innocently asked: "When is she coming back?"

This was my first experience with abandonment.

My daughter was three years old when I left her as a result of divorcing her mother. Years ago, I had been the little boy crying on the backseat of a car because I was being taken away from my mother. Now, I was the father crying in my car because I was moving three thousand miles away from my daughter.

I, once, had been abandoned. I, now, was the one abandoning. The roles and the settings had changed. The feeling was the same.

Now, in my fiftieth year, I accept the wisdom of the lesson.

From my mother I learned about compassion and forgiveness. It is compassion for myself as a little boy who had been deeply wounded. It is forgiveness for my mother who had caused the hurt.

From my daughter, I learned about compassion and forgiveness again. In this case, it is compassion for my daughter whom I had deeply wounded and forgiveness for myself for causing the wound.

When I superimposed the two experiences, I learned that by having fully and Consciously felt compassion and forgiveness for myself, I can, now, fully be compassionate with and forgiving of others.

I thank my mother and my daughter for having been my teachers in this lesson. I thank myself for having learned it. It is part of my Awakening process.


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