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Whatever You Choose, Choose It Consciously

Living Consciously is my choice. I watch as my friends and I turn life around by accessing Consciousness. I choose, every day, to be peaceful. And joyous. And enthusiastic.

This was not always so. In fact, recently I experienced the "Oh me, poor me" syndrome again. There was no peace, no joy. I felt rage around some circumstances in my life. Depression set in. Vast weariness followed me through each day.

Getting sidetracked in "victim" energy harkened back to my old triangulation patterns formed in my childhood. I certainly had no Consciousness when I played victim, persecutor, or savior as a child.

We formed our coping mechanisms early in life. If what we did worked, it became a pattern. Today, we can decide if that pattern serves us. We do that by reviewing it Consciously. For me, accessing Consciousness starts by replaying an event that had an outcome that felt harmful to myself or another. I think of all the things that I said. The feelings I had and actions I took that did not serve me. By bringing Consciousness to the harmfulness of the situation, I began to stop in mid sentence and mid action, and rephrase my words and actions into a positive, more Soul-centered expression. Soon I stopped in mid-thought, before the words were uttered or action taken. I acted and spoke from Love/Soul instead of ego. My goal is to be Conscious moment to moment. Harmfulness will become a thing of the past.

Consistency, intention, and commitment are the keys to bringing Consciousness to everything in life. Commitment to change means doing whatever it takes, consistently. In the recent drama of "Oh me, poor me" I was far from being Conscious. However, once I decided to move out of the drama, the intention to be Conscious was activated. I could place my focus back on Conscious commitment. Positive change happened. My new perception completely altered my reality. By re-activating my agreement to Conscious living, I was peaceful, joyous, and enthusiastic. My weariness evaporated. My depression no longer held me captive in victimhood. Responsibility to keep choosing Consciousness is important. Unless we accept responsibility for our life, we will always resist change.

Without life's dramas tapping us on the shoulder, it would be easy to be Conscious. When life presents another version of an old pattern, one realizes that there is yet more to learn from that pattern. Only when accessing Consciousness can the next layer of attachment to that particular pattern be brought to completion. One moves from drama outplaying in life to bringing Consciousness to the drama instead.

We are at choice. What we choose will either keep us stuck in the repetition of our negative pattern, or move us into a more Conscious Awakened state. The phrase "Whatever you choose, choose it Consciously" puts that choice squarely on our shoulders. It is our responsibility what we choose. By choosing Consciously, we choose Awakening.



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