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Urgency Is The Hallmark Of The Ego

There is only eternity and there is only this moment. Both are true. Our little ego conscious minds cannot conceive of this. When we come into embodiment, we create the illusions of time and space. We think in linear fashion. It seems as though one moment follows another in a continuous flow. In truth, all "time" is simultaneous - one 'now' moment. Our ego conscious mind needs to think in terms of past, present, and future to make sense of it all. Soul knows the Truth about both time/timelessness and space/spacelessness. Soul watches as we operate within the illusions of time and space.

Whenever we feel urgency - that driving, impelling, demanding pressure, we know we're in ego. Urgency is the hallmark of the ego. Ego is about Doing. Staying busy. Accomplishing. Producing. Filling the time. It wants to rush from one thing to the next with its external focus. Soul/Being is present unceasingly as a continuum of Consciousness. Always present. Ever patient. Soul knows that we have all of eternity to Wake-Up. It also knows we can do so in the wink of an eye. With Soul, there is no urgency. No rush. We can and do move forward in an inchworm fashion. Just as a plant will naturally grow toward the light - we humans have a natural inclination to grow toward the "Light" - toward clarity, Love, and expanded Consciousness. We sometimes get in the way of our own growth. We self-sabotage. We're also capable of conscientiously committing to our growth. We can become Self-Realized Beings by bringing our intention and attention to our growth. Doing The Work as part of our growth toward the Light. But Soul knows there is no urgency. We can Awaken here and now in this lifetime - this embodiment. Or we can Awaken after we leave the body and are back in the formless. We can also come back into embodiment and Awaken then. We have unlimited time/timelessness, space/spacelessness to Awaken. There is no urgency.


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