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The Ego Is Not The Enemy

The words "enemy," "foe," "adversary," "assailant," or "opponent" all carry powerful negative energy. Ego uses this negative energy to have us believe that the bad guy is "out there" just waiting to get us. Ego programs us to have negative reactions against these supposed enemies. We know the enemy is out there doing something "to us."

Early in our Awakening process, we learn ego is fear-based and carries only negative energy. In our eagerness to change, we often turn on ego as the Bad Guy. "Ego made me do it." Because we still need to blame someone. Sometimes we condemn ourselves. "I'm my own worst enemy," we say, being seduced by ego into accepting all the guilt. We are convinced that we are separate and alone.

Continuing to learn about Awakening, we are given the opportunity to look at our judgements. We find there is neither good/bad nor right/wrong. Everything "just is." Good/bad, right/wrong are polarities, opposites. If we want to change a negative energy to a positive energy we are asked to choose the opposite, positive energy. When we are deep in our own stuff, choosing the opposite is farthest thing from our minds.

Several months ago I found myself deep in negative energy. I blamed all those whom I believed had wronged me. They were my enemies. They were against me. I spiraled down into depression and self-doubt. I found the childhood belief that "I am not enough, never would be enough, why try," had reemerged and held me captive. Having claimed I wanted to Wake Up, this wallowing in self-pity was not where I wanted to be. I was self-sabotaging. So I chose the opposite, Self-Love.

If I was self-sabotaging, how could I come to peace with my situation and find Self-Love? I had gone along with the ego-flow, accepting blindly my old parent-instilled negative patterns. I finally had enough and asked Soul for help. I began to accept that I had created this particular drama. I began to take responsibility for what I had created. Soul taught me that ego is one of my greatest teachers. I began the journey to Self-Love.

It was necessary for me to spiral down so that I could remember, once more, that I am Love. I am not the enemy. Ego is not the enemy. There IS no enemy. There are only Souls like myself learning how to Love. As I learn to Love myself, I move freely into Soul energy. I learn to identify and become one with Soul's qualities of Love, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Simplicity, Enthusiasm, and Spontaneity.

I live now in gratitude and thanksgiving for this lesson in Self-Love.


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