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Ego Just Wants To Be Loved

Ego is not the enemy. No annihilation of ego is needed to move into Soul. For great purpose, we come into physical embodiment complete with ego. Ego is fear-based and has us believe in separation. Its function is to protect its "individuality" from extinction. The ego does its job very well through control, manipulation, protection, defense, judgment, and criticism - all fear-based. Ego thrives on fear and control. It loves power. The ego is that part of us which is underlying our "buttons", our issues. These issues then become a doorway to our Illuminated State, our Awakening. As we get clarity on each of these fear-based (and therefore limiting) negative actions, thoughts, and feelings, we can create change. Change is an aspect of Love moving from the present vibration to a higher vibration in an upward spiraling pattern. When we are patient, compassionate, and gently understanding of our egoic energies, they can then be drawn into our Heart in acceptance and Love, and raised up to a higher vibration, namely, Love. As we raise these egoic energies up, the void that is left is filled with Soul/Love.

Our egos are impeccable in performing the job they've come to do - to keep us believing in fear and the illusion of separation. Ego is our Inner Child; the one who took on the negative edicts and injunctions of our parents. That part of us which believes the Big Lies of not being good enough. Of being less than.

Why aren't we more grateful to ego? Why do we not praise it? When we resist, ignore, and repress ego, it persists, acts out, demands attention. Because it wants to be loved.

Ego holds the big lies of separation.

Soul knows the truth of Oneness.

Ego knows only fear.

Soul knows only Love.

Ego longs to move into that space of Love, peace, and joy.

Our work is to embrace ego in our Love.



Next Piece in the Series 
Next Piece in the Series



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