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How does any thought, feeling, word, or action come into Form? How does any experience or object (such as buildings, trees, animals, our physical bodies, or the Universe) come into Form? Where does Form come from?

Before Form there is Formlessness. Formlessness is a field of Consciousness, where all manifestation originates. Every possible outcome, conceived of in our thoughts, is already accomplished. Otherwise we could not have this thought. That which we wish to manifest already exists in the Formless. It is a "done deal." All we do is bring our Consciousness to it to create Form. At the level of Formlessness, a state of "readiness" exists whereby everything in our life can come into our reality as we know it. We pick and choose from the endless possibilities in our Consciousness. As we bring our Consciousness to that which we wish to create, this seed becomes charged with the energy of Awareness. Our desire, intention, and focus concentrate this energy. It starts becoming "real" to us. Our Consciousness crystallizes this exact thought. It is energized with awareness and brought forth from the Formless into Form.

The beauty of being in a physical body is that we can have thoughts and desires and manifest them into our reality. We experience the sheer joy of knowing ourselves as God, which we are. It is this creativity that sparks our Life Force.

Manifestation becomes effortless when we truly understand how creativity works. Creativity is simply a matter of "seeing" the result that we wish to manifest. Everything that we see around us was first conceived of as a thought in the mind of God, which is our mind. We, as God, have created our world. This world reflects our Collective Consciousness. What we see in the world is what we have created together, as well as individually. We maintain everything in Form with our intention. This moment, the Now, is a blank screen on which we have projected our Consciousness as matter, in Form, in physicality.

From the perspective of Soul, manifestation births the Formless into Form through our intentions, desires, and actions. Our creativity is the bridge between the Formless and the Form. Creativity is the manifestation of Formless into Form. The Divine or God, which we are, has imbued us with the ability to create whatever we can conceive of in thought. Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions are the Conscious vehicles by which we stoke the fires of our creativity. We are ultimately responsible for our experiences at any given moment.

Ego, however, has it's own agenda. It wants to be in charge of the whole show. When we manifest from ego inspiration, what we bring forth comes with baggage, consequences, and attachments. This baggage is also part of the Big Picture and is also in Divine Order. Baggage teaches us about living life from the ego and the negative repercussions that flow from that choice. What we choose to manifest is completely up to us. No one else is responsible for what happens in our creative manifestations.

Manifestation is truly an "Immaculate Conception". From the standpoint of Soul, manifestation is effortless. These manifestations flow with the greatest ease when they are in alignment with God, which we are. Our Soul "knows" what we came here to do and experience. We can choose to live from our Souls and experience life from that perspective. Or we can choose to live our life from the ego perspective. Remember there is no judgement in how we choose to live. The choice of ego is a narrow limited band of awareness, or Form. The choice of Soul is the unlimited band of awareness, or Formlessness.

This universe is a huge playground of matter (Form) manifesting for a time and then ultimately returning back to Formlessness. In the Formless there is no judgement about what we bring forth. There is No outside force judging our creations. There is only God, which we are. The ONE. The same ONE who created what we created. There is no separation, no distinction between us and God.

I trust this process of Conscious manifestation. I hold this Truth in my life everyday. I manifest whatever I need by trusting that it already exists. I have manifested jobs, cars, relationships, money, and experiences of joy, bliss, and happiness. I move out of doubt, fear, and failure by bringing my Consciousness to that which I wish to manifest. I am willing to release instruments of sabotage (negative thoughts, feelings, or actions) in order to manifest clearly. It is just as easy to manifest wonderful things as it is to manifest the undesirable. I choose to create that which gives me delight, rather than that which causes me pain. When we have conflicting or scattered thoughts, we manifest jumbled, chaotic energy. When our intentions are clearly focused, manifestations come through unclouded and effortlessly.

As human beings, we practice the familiar pattern of efforting in our daily lives to get desired results. We believe efforting to be a truth of our reality. Manifestation is effortless, as is our bridge of Conscious creativity. Paradoxically, some work is required. We must have one hundred percent intention around what it is we want to create. We surrender to the guidance of our Soul in all Conscious creative manifestation.

Manifestation is an ongoing gift of life. We are the experts when we are in alignment with our Souls. If you want to know where you stand in your Consciousness, just look around you. You, I, we, have manifested this reality. There is only One of us here. Enjoy what you create. If you aren't joyfilled, then manifest something else. It is easy!



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