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Life In Polarity

Must everything be black or white?
Aren't there shades of gray?
Is it always wrong or right?
Must we learn this way?


Is joy abundant or a rarity?
Is it always win or lose?
This life steeped in polarity
Is it fate or do we choose?


We either wither or we thrive
Grow surely forward or revert
Feel quite dead or so alive
Be proactive or inert


Do we praise or curse each day
Do we speak or maintain silence
Can we lose, then find our way?
Live in peace instead of violence


Be in resistance or surrender
Take responsibility or blame
Hide in forgetting or remember
Swell with pride or shrink in shame


The feelings come and go
with all the laughter and the tears
When we're confused or when we know
It's how we grow throughout all the years


For each beginning there's conclusion
a death for every birth
Is it reality or delusion
Or just our way on planet Earth?



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