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Have The Patience And Persistence To Practice Your Truth: Self-Love

Often folks who spend their lives trying to clear unwanted patterns will say, "Why is this happening to me again?" when those patterns resurface over and over. "It seems the more I work on myself the more comes up for me to clear!" We find ourselves getting frustrated with our lives because it's not all looking the way we think it should.

Particularly when we are about to have a big breakthrough, everything comes up to throw us off track. This is where the keys of patience and persistence play their most significant roles.

Patience gives us the ability to feel compassion for ourselves and others. It allows us to realize that we are always "works in progress" - never to be finished. Yet, we are also complete in every moment just the way we are - a great paradox! When we have patience with our process, we know that coming into Self-Love is a day-by-day practice. We are asked to take baby steps in the inch-worm fashion. When we revert to an old pattern, we can acknowledge we have forgotten our Truth and begin again. Patience also helps us realize that all that we are was eons in the making. Our patterns are thousands of years old and are programmed into the DNA of our cellular structure. It is going to take practice and patience to change that programming (self-loathing to Self-Love). The change DOES happen, but it doesn't happen overnight.

This is where persistence comes in. To persistently work our spiritual muscle as we practice going through the ups and downs of life. Practicing persistence is how we build our spiritual muscle. After a while we become very strong and staying the course becomes automatic. It is a part of us. You can accomplish anything if you are persistent enough. Persistence will help you stay present and conscious through emotional intensity and uncertainty. We can persist in staying lovingly present. We can practice being the Watcher/Soul. This is what is meant by practicing our Truth - our Truth of Self-Love. We are Love. We are God.

On a practical level, take each day one at a time and practice your Truth of Self-Love wherever possible. If you get tired or feel weak, call a supportive friend and ask for reminders, encouragement, or just someone to hold the energy with you. When all else fails, call it a day, rest, and begin again in the morning - but NEVER give up on your Truth!! Self-Love is Being Lovingly Present - no matter what it looks like out there or inside yourself.



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