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Living Your Life
Living Your Death

I have said to the people who work with me; "The price of Waking Up is your Life." Before you began this Awakening Process, you were living your Death. You now have the opportunity to live your Life. Something will pass away in this process of going from Death to Life.

That which will pass away is as follows:
Your Judgment/Criticism, Control/Manipulation, and Protection/Defense, ( all Fear-based)
Your Unfinished Mommy/Daddy business,
The 'No" of the Collective Consciousness,
All negative reaction,
All resistance,
All self-doubt,
All Triangulation,
All Negative Love Patterns,
Your Ego-Centered life.

So, that which will pass away is that which is your Death. And, what you will live, is a Soul-Centered Life, in, through, and as Love.

"Scared" feelings come from the ego knowing that its "life" will eventually pass away. It is true, you only have this moment to live. And the moment after that. And the moment after that. All you have is the present moment. It is appropriate to empty yourself sufficiently of your 'stuff' to be fully present in the moment. Most people are so full of stuff/Death, that they live exclusively in the past and in the future. They are never in the present moment.

The joy you will feel comes as you move from Death into Life. That is one reason I ask you to fill out the "Next Focus in Divine Consciousness" worksheet every week. In the "Next Focus in Divine Consciousness" worksheet you are naming your Death. You are giving Death its voice. You are willing to hear the voice of Death and move beyond your Fear.

The voice of Death/ego, is also God. It is a contracted vibration of God. As you transform this contracted vibration through your Conscious listening and writing, you will move in the "inch-worm fashion" into the expanded vibration of Life/Love. Nothing can prevent this movement from Death to Life if it is the Song of your Heart to sing the Presence of God, which you are, as your Life.



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