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Inspiration for Starting and Continuing the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Sheets - # 4

My Soul inspired me to begin the Next Focus Sheets. My faith and trust developed over 9 years of hearing Soul speak directly through my teacher. This convinced me that I was ready. This was the next step in my Awakening process. I am a mystic. My Love of God has led me to willingly do whatever it takes to Wake Up.

When I was submerged in my shame at the deepest, darkest depths of my shadow work, ego tried to sabotage my continued exploration. It would rebel, exit, procrastinate, distract, and even paralyze me with both fear and rage. But the constant, loving support of my Soul moved me through to the other side - to Self-Love. I was exposing my vulnerable interior landscape to myself. My fears, self-doubts, and negative patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings were being revealed. I was able to own them and, yes, finally to embrace them in Love. I discovered that the deeper I was willing to go into my shadow, the richer the insights. A sense of relief, release, and freedom filled me. I had been carrying the burden of unspeakable secrets around with me for a lifetime. These new insights gave me the courage I needed to unravel the Big Lies I had been living. By releasing these fear-based lies with which my ego controlled me, I was able to move into the Truth of my Soul. This journey through the shadow has led me to Self-Love. I now move through my days with greater peace, clarity, authenticity, appreciation, and joy. I have much more Love for myself and those around me. My process of Awakening continues. I am worth it. I am remembering. I Am God.


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Previous Piece in the Series Next Piece in the Series


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