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The Big Lie

The BIG LIE is waiting to be busted. Please remember the opposite of Truth is Lie. The greatest liar on the planet is the ego. Generationally, we have accepted the Big Lie. We have accepted the lie that we are unworthy, not enough, shame-filled, less than, can never be God, Soul, the Truth, Love, Peace. The Big Lie is always present when negativity is present: negative thoughts, words, feelings, or actions.

The Big Lie is deeply rooted in all of our four lower bodies and in every cell of our physical body. We believe the Big Lie to be the Truth. If you can name it, you can change it. Are you ready and willing to change the Big Lie (of judgment, criticism, control/manipulation, protection/defense, all fear-based) into Love and move into the Truth?

This will take relentless practice, patience, and persistence. Please remember The Esoteric Teaching/God Thought:
"Have the patience and persistence
to practice your/the Truth".

If your answer is yes!, then you are ready to begin The Work. The Next Focus in Divine Consciousness work sheet will open to you new ways of looking at The Big Lie. This includes your "unfinished mommy/daddy business", all negative patterning from childhood, all negative feelings, thoughts, words, or reactions. Anything that says you are not good enough, unworthy, or inherently evil. The covert and overt negative messages from our families, religion, education, and society. Basically, just about anything the ego says is "true". The Big Lie says you are separate from God, from each other, and from your own Love.

What is the opposite of the Big Lie ~ Truth is the opposite. Who speaks the Truth? If not the ego, then who? The Soul speaks the Truth. Your Soul is always with you. Your Soul is always speaking the Truth to you. In order to hear the Soul, you must first quiet the ego talk in your mind. Then enter the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart. Your Soul awaits you there. The Soul does not speak through the mind. The Soul speaks through the Heart. (See Union and Communion with your Soul)

Yes, you need to have patience and persistence to practice the Truth of listening to your Soul within the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart.



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