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My Purpose Here

I believe I am here to know myself both as Divine and as Human. Part of my Soul Agreement is to join these two seeming opposites. That is, to embrace my humanity, my egoic experience, while bringing my Divinity to my humanity. My purpose is to create heaven on earth in my world through my Love.

I have a purpose both at the level of my humanity, or egoic level, and at the level of my Divine Consciousness. My ego, I know, is the Doorway to my Illumination. So at the egoic level, my purpose is to experience myself fully as human. That is, to embrace my egoic experience, the polarities, the full spectrum of what is offered to me in human form. This includes all feelings, thoughts, and experiences, whether positive or negative, as well as my physicality. I want to experience my humanity, transforming energies that are less than Love into Love, which everything truly is. I am committed to 'The Work'. I take full responsibility for Consciously changing my own stuff, (my unfinished mommy/daddy business). In so doing, I raise the vibration of my human experience from the mundane into the sacred through my Consciousness and Love. I do this for myself and all humanity.

At the level of my Divine Consciousness, my purpose is to Awaken. That is, to Awaken to the Truth of my Being as God, as Love. This means, I come to know myself fully as an individuated expression of God, which I am.

I believe I can live at this level of purpose in all areas of my life as I embrace my experience as ego with my experience as Divine Being. I am here to allow Love to flow through me. The choices I make are in alignment with this Love. As I live my life in alignment with my purpose, I choose Love in each moment. Every word, feeling, thought, and action comes from Love. I bring all my Love to everything I am and everything I do. This means showing up and being lovingly present no matter what it looks like out there or inside myself.

Essential to living my purpose is, first and foremost, Self-Love. Only when I Love myself can I bring my Love to everyone and everything. As I Awaken to the Truth of myself as God, as Love, and knowing everything is God is Love, I bring this to my egoic experience.

I begin my day by focusing on my purpose of bringing all my Love to my humanity and to all humanity. In every role, whether teacher, friend, pet caregiver, daughter, or sister, I show up as Love without attachment to any outcome. As I bring my Divinity to my humanity, my ego releases its need to control, manipulate, protect, defend, judge, or criticize. I am in alignment with my purpose in all my bodies, (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). This allows me to fulfill my purpose as Love.

As I fully Awaken, knowing myself as God, fully aligned in my egoic experience, I can truly live my purpose of bringing all my Love to every moment. I flow with each moment because I live in a state of surrender and acceptance. I no longer have any need to control my life. I am free to live in the heaven on earth which I have created for myself and others.



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