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What is the true essence of gratitude? Does one derive a sense of gratitude from doing or from Being? Is it possible to live moment by moment in a state of gratitude?

For me, gratitude lives in a special place. Gratitude lives within the Serene Center of my Being within my Heart. When I can be in the moment in a state of acceptance, I find myself living in gratitude. I see life from the perspective of my Soul. There is a peace that passeth understanding in my Heart. With this peace comes insights, realizations, and clarity as to why I have chosen this or that drama as my teacher.

The true essence of gratitude is all about Self-Love. It is about giving myself permission to be all that I am. It is about feeling Love and Compassion for myself and others. As soon as I begin to question and judge the present moment, I leave this place of gratitude and enter negativity, resistance, fear, and ego gratification. I experience a heaviness, a reactivity, an inability to be with what is. When I live in a state of gratitude, I experience a lightness of Being, a warmth in my Heart, a serenity. I now have a Conscious Awareness of both negative reactivity and gratitude. This allows me to choose where I want to be in each moment - in my ego or in my Heart and Soul.

I am blessed with loved ones who support me in Being all that I am and who appreciate the mirror that I am for them. Life has become a big stage on which I dance, sing, act, speak, and feel the Truth of my Being. Each moment is an opportunity to see Love in everything and everyone. To experience the blessing that is life. To choose Love over fear. Each moment is an opportunity to live in gratitude.

I live much of my life in a state of gratitude. Each day more of the Love which I am is revealed to me. I am able to process old wounds. At the same time, I am watching myself change. Everytime I am able to experience pain, anger, sadness, or rage without judgment, I am able to move to a new level of Self-acceptance and Self-Love. The pain associated with old wounds is embraced in my Heart. My Soul speaks to me with total clarity. The pain is transformed into peace and gratitude.

I realize that living in a state of gratitude creates even more gratitude and thanksgiving. Living in a state of gratitude is contagious. Living in a state of gratitude is living in a state of exaltation. Living in a state of gratitude is Being one with my Soul.


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