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The Business Of The Business

Years ago I began a successful landscape business. I developed a good reputation, had many clients, but lost money. When I sold the company to a competitor, I was able to pay my outstanding bills but had nothing in my pocket. I knew nothing of The Business of The Business.

Years later, I was offered the opportunity to work in an office and learn The Business of The Business. My employer was skilled in dealing with her staff, clients and vendors, sharing her process from her Heart. I worked for five years learning lessons most folks never have the privilege to experience. This year Divine Order offered the opportunity to begin again in landscape design. I have never been happier, felt more aligned, or more capable of creating an abundant business.

What is The Business of The Business? It is a process based on Love and includes simple, yet profound tools.


Greet each person as the Divine
Clarify, Clarify, Clarify
Be impersonal
Practice anonymity and confidentiality
Avoid making assumptions
Be impersonal
Honor your word
Maintain financial integrity
Be impersonal
Create a good working relationship with a reputable local bank
Give others credit for their ideas
Be impersonal
Have specific goals
Acknowledge self and others for meeting the incremental steps toward meeting those goals
Be impersonal
Educate yourself
Show your passion
Be impersonal
Remember that money is not the ultimate goal - happiness is
It is as important to know when to stop as when to start
Be impersonal
Know your strengths; acknowledge your weaknesses
Know when to ask for help
Be impersonal
Know how to delegate
Treat colleagues as you would like to be treated
Be impersonal
Be impeccable
Do one thing at a time
Be impersonal
Follow up
Follow through
Be impersonal
Set and honor priorities
Maintain clear intention and focus
Be impersonal
Air differing views as they arise
Respect each person's style of working
Be impersonal
Choose the person who knows more than you do about the task you want done
Admit when you are wrong
Be impersonal


This list could go on for pages. Make your own additions based upon people-skills that have made a difference in your work environment. These tools form the framework of The Business of The Business.

Can one be steadfast in learning this process of The Business of The Business if surrounded with negativity? Negative thoughts and feelings are the realm of ego. The Business of The Business is Soul-Centered, focused upon positive feelings.


Use the Next Focus in Divine Consciousness Work Sheets (Next Focus in Divine Consciousness) to begin exploring your negative thoughts and feelings.
Sit in The Silence daily.
Access Soul, asking Soul to teach you about your negative thoughts and feelings which keep you from activating the keys of The Business of The Business.
Ask Soul to bring your awareness to the Soul Qualities of Peace, Joy, Simplicity, Enthusiasm, Spontaneity, Creativity, Inspiration, Ease, Clarity, and Love.


The Business of The Business is not only for the workplace. This process works in relationships. It is impeccable as a life focus. It doesn't matter what goal is placed before you, The Business of The Business contains essential tools needed to achieve that goal.

I know I will make "mistakes" as I begin this new venture. I am grateful for these learning experiences. I have the patience and persistence to practice the new skills of birthing a Soul-Centered business, following the guidelines of The Business of The Business.



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