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Service Is Being

Many of us on a spiritual path have a great desire to be of service. There is a deep inner calling to serve. You know, to help each other and be there for each other. Our ego tells us that if we do certain things and sacrifice our lives for some cause that that is service. True service is not about doing anything. It is Being, period! To be or not to be, that is the service. Service is Being. It's not what you do. Now, when you are Being, things are certainly happening. But this "doing" comes from a totally different place then we would expect it to come from. It is coming from Being. It is coming from the Heart. From the Serene Center of Being within the Heart. Not from a sense of building up brownie points toward our eventual admittance into heaven. Nor is it from, "I am doing this service for you." On the contrary, there is a tremendous sense of gratitude toward the other for the opportunity to Be-in service. Just by Being we are serving one another at the highest level.

In Being, the other really ceases to exist. Even you cease to exist as the doer of the service. Only Being exists, only God exists. Only Love exists. To Be God is service. To have recognition of our Divine nature and live it constantly is service. To dissolve all separation is service. To exist as the Oneness is service.

In Being, others get the opportunity to experience their greatness as God. That is service. Now, there really are no others. But you may know what I mean. I'm talking about those aspects of ourselves that believe we are cut off from God. In Being, eternity shines brightly as the never-ending present. Past and future have ceased to exist. Only this moment is. It is seamless and complete unto itself. In true service there is no ego. Only Being exists.



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