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Everything Is A Divine Setup

Every moment of our lives is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, change, become Self-Realized, Awakened, and have full awareness of our Divine nature as God. In every moment, every situation, every occurrence, every everything. God, Being All That Is, has orchestrated Himself/Herself/Itself into an interactive multi-dimensional exploratory playground of sensual experiences in constant flux called Life. Nothing is happenstance, although free will is present. There are no accidents or coincidences. Everything has God's seal of approval for growth and change. It is Divinely created. No, not as fate would have it, but as God, which we are, would have it. There is Divine Order in all that occurs. Everything is a Divine Set-Up to give us the opportunity to Awaken and remember that we are God.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we may feel ourselves thrust into unreasonable situations. Well, what is really going on here? Every situation has been set up by us specifically to help us remember we are the actors, the scene, the director, and the audience of this passion play. It is all us. This is our Awakening taking place. We are the dreamers, the conceivers, the creators of it all. Everything that happens points back to us as God. Everything in the world is our creation. It is our Consciousness made manifest in matter. And it is all in symbolic form. A fun riddle for us to experience together.

Since everything is a Divine Set-Up, instrumental to our Awakening, there is nothing out of place. It merely shows us where we are in our Consciousness, in our Awakening process. We are experiencing what we have manifested. Each manifestation points the way to more awareness, more Consciousness, more responsibility, and hence, more Awakening. It is a big cycle or energy loop endlessly opening to itself like a flower that blooms forever. It becomes more and more itself. We are becoming more and more ourselves.

I once had an experience of traveling West during sunset. We were moving fast enough to follow the sun. The sunset lasted for hours and was constantly changing. Its beauty was awesome and timeless. Every Divine Set-Up has a beauty like that reminding us to look within and connect with our magnificence, our Soul.


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