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Eating Consciously

God is. God is Love. I am Love. I am God. Everything is God. I bless the food I ingest because it is all God. I bless God within me. I bless God in everything I see, smell, feel, taste, touch, sense. Ingestion of God in full Consciousness creates expansion in my Consciousness at every level of my Being. If I hold the food I eat in the highest vibration, that high vibration is what I take in. As I drink water, I hold the Consciousness of taking the Living Waters of God Consciousness into myself, thus creating greater God Consciousness within myself.

Eating Consciously is not about the act of filling our stomachs. As I bless the food, and those who have lovingly prepared it, I am aware that the entire universe supports my existence. I experience the Miracle of Oneness. I feel no separation in Consciousness. Everything in form and formlessness are connected in the circle of Consciousness which supports Life. I am part of this flow. The glue which holds this all together is Love. If I eat in full Consciousness, I ingest Love, I ingest Source in every bite. This nourishes me not only in my physical body, but in all of my bodies, planes, and cells. I give thanks unceasingly as I eat. When I have completed a meal, I pray that all Beings experience the Truth of their Being as God. My mealtime experience is thus quite different when I eat Consciously.

I had always wondered about the feast of the loaves and the fishes, as described in the Bible, how a small portion of food could feed so many. I realize that "feeding" myself, "feeding" others in Consciousness, is not about physical form. Rather, it is a Divine Experience about the manifestation of the formless into form. The focus shifts from eating to feeling filled physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with Love/Consciousness.

We take quarter-sized bites to remain in Conscious as we eat, to pay attention. Consciously eating in small bites brings us to a state of mindfulness. This is essential to staying in the present moment. I am Conscious of cutting my food, of placing it in my mouth, of chewing it fully, of savoring the wonderful flavors which are offered to me, of swallowing it, and of it descending down into my stomach and intestines. Consciousness of the full act of eating raises the vibration of the seeming mundane into the sacred. We become aware of the sweet fragrance of the food, have the experience of our taste buds coming alive. We have a sensual experience that is one of the myriad gifts of Being present in the moment. The act of eating, which we paid no attention to the previous day, is now an exquisite act of Grace. Eating mindfully opens our Consciousness to the gift of abundance which is ever-present within us.

I love to eat in silence because eating Consciously is like a prayer for me. Once I went to a silent retreat. It took me a long time to eat my meals because I ate my food Consciously, in quarter-sized bites. Once I released any feelings of urgency around eating and could surrender to the experience, I felt such a high vibration at these meals. I was filled up and the vibration lasted throughout the day. Previously at meals, my mind would have been somewhere else, thinking about something else, and I would have missed this sacred experience. I can go to church or the synagogue once a week or I can experience God within me three times a day in this simple act of eating Consciously.



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