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A Pregnant Woman's Lament (On a Hot August Day)

I want to go home, take a hot bath, and slip between the covers.
Night is my favorite time these days.
Sleep is my favorite activity.
This occurred to me at 5am this morning as I took my third trip to the bathroom.
Even with these sleep interruptions - peeing all night, my son grabbing
my hair as if grasping for his umbilical cord, the cat jumping on the
bed, the retarded cat crying at the door at 2am, the horn-happy train
engineer at 3am, the stuffiness in the room at 4am…
Sleep is still my favorite time of day.
I don't feel sick.
I don't feel heavy.
I don't have to tell my son "No".
I don't have to try to do 15 things at one time.
I don't have to plan or cook another meal or pick up after anyone.
I don't have to treasure my 1 hour break or figure out what 3 things
(out of the 24 I need to do) I will do with my 1 hour.
I don't have to go up and down the stairs 6 months pregnant or wash
the dishes or sweep food off the floor.
I don't have to find something for my son do to.
I love sleeping.
I don't have to do anything except lay my body down.



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