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Motherhood And Me

My children are my gifts from God,
My inspiration to love myself,
My incentive to embrace the shadow.

They are my teachers of Life.
Loving them is teaching me about
Love, compassion, honor, patience, wisdom, peace, and joy

It is my joy to be a mother,
My commitment to love then unconditionally,
My passion to share the privilege of motherhood.

Being a mother is truly a labor of Love.
The birth process,
One of God's most precious miracles.

To watch my children grow,
A blessing in each moment.

To look in their eyes and see Love,
Moves me to tears.

My children are a reflection of
Love, sensitivity, enthusiasm, wonderment, spontaneity, creativity, and joy.

They have shown me that
I am worthy of Love, loveable, loved.

They demonstrate in each moment that
They are loved, safe and cared for.

They illustrate the lesson of detachment
By standing on their own, speaking their truth.

I am learning to surrender,
Releasing them to God, which they are.

I am learning to embrace my humanity and theirs
When they are in pain and suffering.

I am learning to Love them, not save them
As they go through life's trials and tribulations.

I am learning to say yes
To Divine Order and Divine Love.

I am becoming the poet, the singer
The person I Love.

I am releasing my attachment to my children
By honoring God, which I am.

Motherhood has been my wake-up call from the Divine,
My gift of Love,
My epiphany.



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