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A Prayer For All Beings

My prayer is for a world where all Beings know the Truth of themselves as God. We will all take responsibility for each moment, each decision, each action we take, because we will know ourselves as the creator of it all. We will all recognize our Oneness and know that when we harm another, we harm ourselves. We will have no sense of separation whatsoever. There will be no thought of yours or mine, but all things will be shared equally. We will each know our purpose and our gifts to give to the community. There will be no judgment about what each one of us does to contribute to the whole. No one's worth is any greater than anyone else's. No one's skills or talents better or more important. Each will feel a sense of honor and respect for what they bring to the community and for who they are. We will not only recognize ourselves as God, but know that all others are also God creating themselves anew in each moment.

There will be no war, no hunger, no homelessness since we will take care of everyone just as we will take care of ourselves. We will have no sense of ownership, especially of children. Instead, children will be raised by the community, by the elders who have the most experience and wisdom to teach and demonstrate lifeskills. We will treat our elders with great respect and honor. We will also honor the children as they create the experiences they need to grow. There will be a sense of peace and well-being throughout the planet. No more fighting over various religious beliefs, or who is right or wrong. There will be no "polarity thinking" due to the realization of ourselves as ONE. We will have knowledge of each person being exactly where they need to be on their path at any given time.

Our acceptance and compassion will be complete for all Beings. We will also recognize Mother Earth as a living entity which supports and sustains us. We will treat her with respect. We will support and nurture her. We will treat all life forms with tender, loving care. We will live our lives harmlessly. I hold the possibility of all this in my Consciousness unceasingly. I pray that all this will be realized within my current lifetime.



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