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The Breath Of Death

My life seemed empty and shallow,
Devoid of juice,
Passionless purgatory.
I was dead in the water,
No wind in my sails.
No zest, no spark,
No twinkle in my eye.
A bland soap opera playing on a
Beat up black and white TV,
In the basement of a decrepit convalescent home,
On a dirty back street.
I felt the breath of death
Raise the hairs on my neck.

And then one day I saw my chance,
I spun the wheel and took a leap.
A leap of faith,
I was falling, falling.
I fell in love.
Fell hard.
So hard it took my breath away.
I felt I was drowning.
Drowning in love.
I gasped,
And I struggled for help from above.
Below me, I begged for a soft place to land.
I wanted to go back.
Back to who I had been.
I'm crying.
I'm dying.
I'm changing.
It was all too much to bear.
I had to surrender,
To cease my struggle.
It only made it worse.

And as I let go
My fears subsided.
My tears invited me,
To release
A little more.
Let go and relax,
Breathe a little.
I felt death had come knocking,
Knocking on my door.
And as I had opened it a crack,
A fierce wind had blown me away,
So far away,
I didn't know myself anymore.



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