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This website first appeared in 1999, the creation of Mary, a Mystic.

I first met Mary in the Spring of 1993, and had the honor of sitting with her for many hours of illuminating conversation and deep moments of silence.

God Direct is a template for what is known in esoterica as 'the work'. 'The work' is precise, but not dogmatic or doctrinaire. I have been connected to this work for thirty years, and continually find new insights each day that I visit this mystic's sharing.

Mary always affirms that her source of inspiration comes from the grace of being in communion and union with the Divine. From this, flows her sharing for humanity.

The Divine is in charge, in all ways and at all times…we individual aspirants need only to surrender to that undeniable Presence, and allow the embodiment of the Divine to manifest to be revealed in many simple and loving ways.

The thirty-one audio recordings were created in 2012 – 2013, prior to Mary's move into her non-public seclusion. This entire body of work is one of life's treasures.

On a personal note, I have dedicated my life to the exploration of body/mind/soul consciousness with the awareness and the intention of integrating what is commonly (and often mistakenly) called 'enlightenment', into this dimension of human physicality. I have associated with many mystics, monks, yogis, lamas, shamans, and healers of diverse backgrounds and religions from around the world. I salute in gratitude all my teachers, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

May your exploration of this offering bring joy and understanding to your life.

John Hawk,


"...you are at the right place at the right time."

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