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Eternal Presence

A man lurks in my house,
He hides in the basement under the stairs
keeping me from touching the ground.
He tells me I should be healed by now -
How could I still be afraid of the dark?
He wears a suit of armor, silver chains,
and wields a sword that cuts through feelings
penetrating without shame -
I thought I needed him to protect my fortress,
But he occupied a space that left no room for
my Beauty,
I thought I needed him to make it in the world,
But he laughed at my hunger and fed me
rules to follow that kept me a little girl.
He is a war machine that I did not build,
laid inside me by those who fear the waters
that flow through cracks
to break us open.
I spread my legs to feel the trembling rush of Life,
I call on God's hands to open the door to the forbidden
land beneath the stairs,
God's feet to take me there.

I spiral down into this fearful place, my body
twists and turns in disgust,
Facing his dark smile, I breathe into the
blackest night. Here I have never been met.
I am so alone, I don't know if I can stay.
I long to cry out, to feed the pain.
A fire descends, it's golden glow wraps me in courage.
I rest in a shimmering space that God holds for me,
My arms spread like wings across the hot desert,
I let my Heart be an Oasis of liquid light
inviting the Unknown to drink,
From the depths, you rise unexpected
to the surface of my quivering skin,
and I also feel you land like a great, white Bird
and lay upon my breast,
Wing to wing, I am fully met at last,
in exquisite gentle strength.
My Angel Lover
You are my freedom,
and my gravity,
You surrender into the arm of my Shadow,
She penetrates you with her Beauty.
Ecstasy sings through the absence of Fear,
where we dance in our coalescence.
I want you here
I want you near,
behind every breath, inside
every step I take, in the
Eternal Presence.



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