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For The Love Of Money

I am Money…
I am like breath shared by many,
taken in, transformed into sustenance for life - -
given out to be taken in by another.

I am a symbol of circulation,
exchange, support - -
the blood of society.

I look like pieces of green paper,
but I could be anything and
have been everything.

Love me as much as you love
what I can buy - -
When you enjoy your food,
thank me,
When you appreciate your clothes,
your car, your shoes, your home,
thank me for showing up.

I am the energy behind your physical life.
That is not a bad thing,
it's a God thing.

I am a sacred gift,
I want to support you, to flow unceasingly
into your bank, into your wallet and out
of your hands to others.

I want your only thoughts about me to be
Love and Gratitude for how much I am
here for you.

If you would only see me as the Beloved
waiting to be invited into your Heart,
you would never feel burdened by worry.

For I only want to feed you.
I only want to take care of you,
to appreciate you.

Can you open even more to receive
my gifts?
I am a Goddess.
Let me embody within your Heart.

See your bank accounts bursting with Love.
Do not be afraid to take me as your Lover,
to let me in- -I will not consume you
and leave you empty and craving, lusting
for more. Do not worry.
I am a gentle Lover, and you don't have
to work as hard as you think you do
for my Love- -
Relax and listen- -
Can you hear my longing to be with you?



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